MS Wild Pumpkin Trip

Join the Route28 Middle Schoolers as we head to The Wild Pumpkin for an evening of corn mazing, animal chasing, and donut eating!!

The trip is on Friday, September 24th.  We will be meeting at the church at 4:30pm and returning to the church around 6:15pm.

We will not be providing dinner, however, there is a food area there where food can be purchased.

The cost is $7/person, plus any extra money for food, gifts, snacks, etc...

We are pretty sure Hunter is going to eat his weight in apple cider donuts...

You can register for the trip at the link below:


June Events

Wednesday Night Worship

Throughout the summer, we will meet to spend some intentional time in prayer and worship together as a group.  These events will start at 6pm and wrap up around 6:45.  They will be for both middle school and high school students.


The R28 Mini Golf Awesomeness Tour is a series of three mini golf events (June 17, July 1 & 22) that will occur at three different mini golf courses across the state!  Cost will be $20 for all three events.  Lots of prizes!

You must register for the RMGA Tour here.

You can register for the R28 Cup here.

For a downloadable copy of the summer schedule, click this link.

July Events

For the RMGA Tour & WNW, see June descriptions.

Big Ticket Festival

We will leave from the church at 4pm on Thursday and return Sunday afternoon.

  Cost is $100/student.  Includes food, camping, tickets, and  upgraded seating.  Snack money, merchandise money, and attraction/game money will be needed if desired.  

Register for Big Ticket Festival here.

Please fill out the food form as well, you can find that here.


Specific details pending.  This event is for 6th-12th grade (no incoming 5th graders) only.  We will release info as soon as we receive it.  Plan on it being an all day event (leaving around 8am, returning around 8pm).  

Register for Paintball here.

R28 Cup

The R28 Cup will be at Firefly Golf Links in Clare on July 19th with a tee time of 9am.  We will be golfing 9 holes, which will take around 2 hours (probably slightly less).  After golf, we will head back to the church for a bit of an awards ceremony with a pizza lunch.  

The cost for this will be $20/person.  You can register for the R28 Cup here.

Guy's Camping Trip

This trip is for 9th-12th graders only (incoming 9th graders & graduating seniors allowed).  We will depart the morning of the 26th and return the afternoon of the 29th. 

We are heading up to Pictured Rocks and will travel over to Marquette to experience the Black Rocks as well.  We are going to spend lots of time looking at rocks.  And waterfalls.  We'll see waterfalls too.

Cost: $75

Camping & meals provided.

Register for the guy's camping trip here.

For a downloadable copy of the summer schedule, click this link.

August Events

For WNW details, see June description.

MS Boys Fishing Trip

We will leave at 6pm on the 11th and return at around 1pm on the 14th.  Between those times, we'll be fishing.

You can register for the fishing trip here.

For a downloadable copy of the summer schedule, click this link.