Reach. Build. Send.

The mission of Brown Corners Church is to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, build them as his church, and send his church into the world. We strive to accomplish this through offering a vibrant place to connect to God in worship, a loving place to connect to people in community, and a launching place to connect people in meaningful ways to their world.

Brown Corners Church (BCC) is a denominational church belonging to the United Brethren in Christ. Our church was started in 1886 and was located on the corner of Browns Road and Cornwell Avenue. Over the years, the church continued to grow and a new location was sought. We have been in our current location on Old-27 since 1980, with major additions in 1983, 1987, 1997, and 2008. We are made up of people from all over the area: people from Harrison, Clare, Farwell, Lake, Lake George, Beaverton, Gladwin, Sanford, and Midland. Someone you know probably attends here!

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