Discipleship Communities

The purpose of discipleship community groups is to have a forum for people to connect, share a meal, share each others’ burdens, pray for one another, grow in Christ, and discuss biblical issues throughout the week. These groups take place throughout the week (including Sunday mornings) -- at homes, the church building, coffee shops....anywhere, really -- and are open to all. 

For specific info on how to get involved or visit one of these discipleship communities, email Pastor Jeremiah: jeremiah@browncorners.org

Sunday morning groups

This is a list of our current Discipleship Communities that meet on Sunday mornings with a short description of what the class is teaching as well as the target audience of that class.  If you have any questions about any of the classes, feel free to contact us on the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the website!

  • Topic: Apologetics

    An intellectual defense of the existence of God.  this class will equip you to defend the truth of the Bible. 

    Teacher: Sam Wienke

    Location:C3 (Activity Room)

  • Topic: Study in Proverbs

    This class is a verse by verse study through the book of Proverbs

    Teacher: tom Halberda

    Location: Room R5

  • Women's class
    Topic:  Open Your Heart. Open your Home by Karen Ehman

    Do you long for a life purpose and Adventure?  Open your heart. Open your home.  By Karen Ehman

    Teacher: Kathie Kinzel

    Location: Room C7

  • Women's Class

    Topic:  Signs

    By David Jeremiah

    What does Scripture tell us about the world to come?  What signals will precede the end times?  Jeremiah presents his revised, updated, and hope-filled work on Biblical prophecy, the apocalypse, and the Lord's judgement against sin.  This epic guide is a must-have resource for navigating today's uncertainties and embracing God's promises for the future. 

    Teacher:  Cid Jones

    Location:  E2

  • Gospel of John

    A practical day by day application from the book of John

    Teacher: Steve Fair

    Loction: R3

  • Miracles of Jesus

    Jesus demonstrated His power through miracles.  What are some other reasons Jesus performed miracles? What can we learn from them?

    Teacher: Greg Robinson & Todd Palmer

    Location: Prayer Room

Sunday evening Groups

Sunday evening classes resume September 16, from 5pm-6:30pm, which is the same time as our Children's Ministry and our Middle School Student Ministry.  For more information on the Student Ministries, click on the 'Ministries' tab at the top of the page.

  • Men's Class Bible Study

    5:00 - 6:30

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