Excursion24 is an all-night event that will run from 5pm on April 19th until 7:30am on April 20th.  We will be traveling to the following locations throughout the evening:

-Brown Corners Church (Clare)
-Dow Diamond (Midland)
-Valley Lanes (Midland)
-Code Breaker (Midland)
-Ideal Theater (Clare)
-Cops & Donuts (Clare)


We would like to especially thank Code Breaker, Ideal Theater, and Cops & Donuts for opening after hours for our group to enjoy Excursion24.

The registration cost of the event is $75 dollars/student.  This covers everything for the event with the exception of the two optional activities (bowling & mini-golf) as well as any drinks, snacks, or souvenirs throughout the evening.  

Excursion Breakdown:

We will begin with dinner and a meeting at 5:15pm.  Please arrive by 5pm so we can start the event on time.  From there, we will head to Dow Diamond to enjoy a Great Lake Loons baseball game.  

Following the Loons game, we'll head to Valley Lanes for a few hours of fun.  This is the only portion of the evening that will require additional optional funds.  Students have the opportunity to bowl, play a round or two of mini-golf, eat more food, or spend time in the arcade (or all of the above!!). If your student wants to bowl and/or play mini-golf, please indicate as such in the form below.  These two activities have additional fees attached.  Bowling is an additional $9/person and Mini-Golf is an additional $6/person.

Following Valley Lanes, we will make a pit stop to a gas station for any drinks/snacks the students may want to grab for the next portion of the evening.

Code Breakers in Midland has graciously opened their facility an extra three hours for our group.  In that time, our students will rotate between attempting an escape room and throwing tomahawks.

After our time at Code Breakers, we will head back to Clare to catch a movie at the Ideal Theater from 2a-4a.  We have pre-arranged for the following to be included for each person in the registration:  movie ticket, one small popcorn & one 22oz soft drink.  The concession stand will be open for additional snacks if your student so chooses.

Once we leave the theater, we will walk to Cops & Donuts for a short time for coffee and donuts before starting the final leg of our Excursion.

Following coffee and donuts, we will head to the gas station for one last stop for snacks.

In the final stretch of Excursion, we will head back to the church for a couple hours of some of our favorite group games.  These will end with a breakfast buffet taking place at 7:30am.

7:45am......PICK YOUR STUDENTS UP!!!

As much fun as Excursion24 will be...our leaders will be exhausted.  Much like our 828 events, we ask that you have someone there promptly at 7:45am to pick up your student.

If you would like to chaperone or provide transportation for any of these time blocks, please contact Hunter at hunter@browncorners.org

Community food distributions

We are always looking to add more students to our Food Distribution Crew!

On the first Saturday of every month, we partner with the Clare County Community Nutrition Network and bring a crew of students to help at their Community Food Distribution!

We meet at the church at 9am and head over to the distribution location.  Following the distribution, we grab lunch (free) and then meet back at the church for pickup.

Students must be 16 years old & fill out the appropriate paperwork with their parents.  To receive the paperwork, please fill out this form:  

Distribution Dates for this year are:

Apr. 1
May 6
Jun. 3
Jul. 1
Aug. 5