BCC kids

BCC Kids is our ministry to children from birth through 4th grade.  

We provide a safe and fun place for kids to be introduced to Jesus.


Sunday Mornings (8:30 and 11am services and 10am Discipleship Community Classes)

Nursery open for all services.

Pre K/Kinder:  Classes for all morning events.

1st-2nd grades: 8:30 & 11am classes start after the worship songs.  Class at 10am.

3rd-4th grades:  8:30 & 11am stay in service and use Kid's Notes to follow along (pick up at Kid's Check-in). Class at 10am

Sunday Evenings: Kid's Club

September through May 5


Classes for 4 years through 4th grades.

Extended time with teachers.  More time for games and crafts.


We use the Gospel Project curriculum Sunday mornings.


Sunday evenings we use   Bible Studies for Life.


Check In System

We use Planning Center to check in kids.

You will be given a sticker for your child and one for you

with a code to check them out of their class.

Trunk or Treat.

October 2024


SCUBA! (check out the preview)

June 9-13, 2024


Summer Camp

Summer camp sponsorship

BCC will pay 80% of campers cost if they attend Brown Corners Church Services

or do not attend a church and were invited by someone from BCC.  

We have 2 camps we will sponsor:  Camp Living Waters and Cran Hill.

CLICK HERE for the scholarship form.

Step 1:  Fill out this form

Step 2:  We contact you with a code to apply when you register

Get Involved:

Click here to volunteer with BCC Kids

Teacher, nursery, class helper, check in desk,

being the scenes, events


Why does BCC have a Children's Ministry?

We believe that our children are an important part of our church body.  Not just the church of the future, but a part of the church now.  As such, we want to prioritizing teaching and equipping them to live out their faith as children so that they can be using their gifts to serve God now and throughout their lives.  We believe that starting with a solid foundation through our children's ministry is the best way to equip the next generation of disciple-makers!

Who teaches the kids?

Keeping our students safe and secure is of the utmost importance to us.  For that reason, we have a rather thorough training and screening process before anyone can be considered to serve in our children's ministry.

How do you include the kids into the worship service?

We believe that our children are a major part of our church family, not just the church of the future, but that they have an important role to play now.  This is why we prioritize inclusion into our worship service.  

For the youngest of our children (0-Kinder), we provide an age-appropriate alternate for the entirety of the worship service.  

Our 1st & 2nd graders are integrated into the worship service through the music portion of the service and then exit for an age-appropriate lesson in a smaller classroom setting.  

Finally, we include our 3rd & 4th graders into the entirety of the worship service while offering Kid's Notes that function as sermon notes and activities to help them pay attention, process, and be engaged in the sermon portion of the worship service.