Parent Resources

As parents, you are the primary spiritual influence in your child's life.  Parenting is tough but you don't have to do it alone, especially when it comes to their spiritual formation.  Below is a list of some of our favorite resources.  We will update this list as we discover new resources!

  • Haves & Have-Nots




    How many times have you compared yourself with someone else today? Seriously — see if you can count. Whether it’s their stuff, their looks, their skills, or their popularity, we can’t help but notice all the things other people have, and how those things compare to all the things we wish we had. But in this 4-week series, we’re going to focus on four things that God has given to every single one of us. You have a past, you have today, you have a future, and you have a family. All four of these things make you valuable and uniquely you.

    Tip of the Month:

    Parents, you can’t do this alone. You need other adults to help you love and influence your kids. One thing we try to do for your family is to connect your kid with adults who love them and who can be trusted. If you haven’t met some of the adults who invest in your kid at church, this month is a great month to meet them!

    Question of the Month:

    We consider our volunteer leaders to be the best link we have between our church and your family. So here’s a question: Have you had a conversation with your teenager’s leader yet this year?

  • Parent Cue:

    This just might be our favorite collection of resources.  The Parent Cue is a website that contains a blog, many articles, books, and so much more with the singular goal of equipping you to effectively point your kids toward Christ.

    Some of our favorite types of resources from Parent Cue:

    1) The Parent Cue Podcast

    2) Their "Phase Series" books (specialized books on parenting in different "phases" of your child's life.  Each "phase" generally lines up with their education level (elementary, middle, & high school).

    3) Their MANY conversation guides talking about faith, crisis, health, technology, and MANY MORE!

  • Center for Parent/Youth Understanding:

    Walt Mueller has one of the biggest leaders in youth culture resources over the last 15 years.  He has written many books on the youth culture as well as ministering effectively to teens.  This is another fantastic collection of resources such as articles, blog posts, and podcasts.

    Some of our favorite resources from CPYU:

    1) Youth Culture Today-CPYU's radio show discussing youth culture

    2) Youth Culture Matters-CPYU's podcast

    3) Family TableTalk-daily devotionals, content, and conversation guides to help with family devotional time.

Your child's most annoying trait

For many teenagers, the difference between success and failure is an adult who can see the potential in all of their madness. Here’s a quick video from Josh Shipp about how a kid’s most annoying traits might actually be their greatest strengths. 

Keep loving those kids of yours — you’re helping them become everything God created them to be.